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Where do focus groups usually take place?

Focus groups may take place in a variety of places although Sparrow Research Limited normally use one of the following:

Purpose Viewing Facility

These are specifically designed for group discussions. Rooms contain one-way mirrors so that clients can observe the discussion. Respondents cannot see out but researchers and clients can see in. In addition, viewing facilities normally give the option of using a video recorder so that others can view the meeting at a later date. Transcripts and/or summaries can also be produced from the audio/video tape.

Hotel Venue

Suitable rooms are also used within hotels. Researchers normally opt for a ‘relaxed’ layout (i.e. no barriers) as opposed to a formal business layout.

Recruiters Home

Recruiters sometimes offer their own homes for the groups to take place in. This is perhaps the best value option and the most personal i.e. non-business like. Most focus groups organised by us are hosted in our owner's home.


Groups may also take place at a clients workplace.